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If you are using a download manager like GetRight, GoZilla, or RealDownload and have problems downloading inAudio, try disabling them temporarily and try again.

Please note:
(This is also the default setting for the installation-program so if you dont change anything, dont worry ;)
When doing a new installation any existing files residing in the directories you select for installation will be removed.

Please select which version of inAudio you want to download:

Download Now! (Full Installation - 743 kb)

Current version is 1.3.1

The ASP-version of inAudio requires Internet Information Server or Personal Webserver. Click here for more information.

Windows XP *Home Edition* does NOT have support for Internet Information Server(!), if you are on XP Home Edition, use the PHP-version!

PHP-version: (Please read all info below before downloading)
Download Now! (Full Installation - 529 kb)

Current version is 1.3.1

The PHP-version of inAudio requires a webserver that can handle PHP-scripts.
For more information about PHP see http://www.php.net/.

A good webserver that you can use for inAudio and PHP is the Apache webserver which you can download here if you are on windows or
here if you are on a different operating-system.

The PHP-version of inAudio has been tested with Internet Information Server and the Apache webserver.

Important info for users of PHP version 4.1.1 and above:
inAudio was written using the methods available for requesting form-data from a user at its time of writing.
The latest versions of PHP however implements a new mechanism to do this and by default turns of the previos handing of it.
For an FAQ on how to enable this again, click here.

System requirements for both versions:

  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP or later.
    Although the PHP-web-interface to inAudio should work on any webserver/OS-combination that supports PHP you still need a windows-machine for the Indexing-application and Control Panel.
  • Windows Scripting Host installed.
    Windows scripting host should already be installed on most systems.
    If you can't install Octagon inAudio, you can find
    Windows Scripting host on the Microsoft Website.
  • Msvbvm60.dll
    This file should also already be present on most systems.
    if the installation fails with an error saying that "Msvbvm60.dll" could not be found, download it here and place it in your windows/system32 or windows/system
  • Winamp 2 for Winamp Remote
    The Winamp Remote-functions require you to have winamp 2 installed.
    Note that Winamp 3 Beta will NOT work since its only a beta which doesnt have a fully implemented API for external programs yet.
  • mySQL ODBC-drivers
    If you wish to use a mySQL-server to store the data in you need the mySQL ODBC-drivers.
    If you set up a webserver on a computer accessible from the internet (this is generally not the case if you are behind a firewall), make sure you have applied all security fixes and updates.
    If you are using IIS or PWS as webserver, apply the latest service-packs and updates from the Windowsupdate website.

       Copyright (c) 2001-2014, Octagon Development Group and Anders Gardebring