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InAudio Business English

Master your English 

Classes for business

Classes created for you or your business english needs. With a combined 30 years of experience, our native teachers are specialised with in-company and online business English courses.


Speak and understand confidently and fluently in your next business meeting, interview or international project with tailor-made classes.



Every company is different. We plan the material and the teaching method necessary for your job. These are sessions that are 100% adapted to your needs.



The best native teachers will help you speak and understand it confidently and fluently, whether it is for individual sales or an international business meeting. 



Written communication can be prioritised for people in positions of regular internal or external contact by email overseas. For complex logistics or simple formalities.



We will not just stop at the end of the class. We are available to our students for support in meetings to understand problematic communication and also email writing support.

Confidence and fluency

Whether it is for an internal/external presentation, international for clients or for sales, confidence and fluidity is extremely important to gain the credibility of whoever is in front of you.


InAudio for Business Specialises in preparing people for these situations, to ensure that you can do the best job possible. We also offer intensive courses to help you further in short time frames.



+ Human Resources Support

Normally, if you are using our services, you have a real need to improve and normally, you are busy. You choose the time and place to make sure you have the energy to learn with flexibility in changing schedules, combined with sessions that are 100% tailored to your needs, you can enjoy a high standard of learning without compromise.


In addition, InAudio's 'English for Companies' also provides additional support with direct student scheduling if needed to avoid extra work from your HR team. 

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