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InAudio, Anywhere

Master your English 

This service is for clients who would like to study at a distance


Lesson plans and methodology described in our philosophy section will be adjusted to ensure that the teaching is of the highest possible quality. We include new correction techniques specific to online classes and screen sharing technology.


If in Company, the class schedule will be shared by Inaudio or the Human Resources office manager at the end of each week for the following week, depending on the students' schedule, with "Online OR Call" written next to it. This can also be arranged by InAudio, thus avoiding more work for the HR department or the office/company manager. 

Learning in groups

If you normally learn in groups in company, or would like to learn business English or general English in a group, we provide you with software that works incredibly well on any device, and from multiple locations simultaneously. This helps to advance learning, build confidence and prevent disruption of services if you have to travel for work. 

Technology and Telephone

InAudio will organise all login details online for all students, using Zoom or Skype, communicating with students directly to avoid more work for the HR or office/company manager. 


Telephone classes, either in the office or outside, will be 45 minutes long, and the methodology of these classes will be adjusted accordingly. Calls will be made by InAudio.

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