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Our Philosophy

How many different methods have you tried?


How many classes have you taken with hardly any results?


What do you really need? 

It's time to stop and realize that you need to put some work into it, to be able to achieve your language goals.


The market is saturated with companies, each and every one of them with its own App, methodology and trend. It is time to leave behind the passing trends. 


Conversation alone is NOT enough to learn a language. It's time to ignore this urban legend. 

Man with Suit

Time for a change.

If you are ready, willing to work hard, and want a teacher who takes your progress and evolution seriously, this is your service. 


Each of our teachers is trained to identify the specific problems you are having in your learning, or the specific needs you require (personal or professional), and to find/create the teaching material that best suits you. 


Whether it is at a lexical, syntactic or phonetic level, we will find a way to ensure that you assimilate the material in a more permanent and progressive way. 

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