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InAudio Summer

Master your English 

Online Intensive classes and shorter classes during the summer break to help you improve quicker in a short amount of time, no matter where you are!

Want to make some quick progression or maintain your level in English this summer ?

From quick 30 minute classes to 2 week intensives, we have several options to help you keep on track with your English studies during the summer break. 

Outdoors Acroyoga Session

Pack of 8 classes from 30 mins to 1 hour

These classes are flexible, advised to be spaced out twice every week if possible and can be used within a period of 2 months.

Available for kids or adults.

€108 - 190,80 

Outdoors Tutoring

2 week intensive course, 4 classes a week

These classes are for people who would like to make a real step forward in the their English quickly. The classes are either 1 or 2 hours in length and can be in a group or one to one. 

Available for kids or adults.

€160 - €280

Why integrate English classes into your holidays?

Apart from the obvious answers of fast progression and having more time available to concentrate on any kind of studies away from work, the main reason we can give, is money.

When you stop classes completely, you lose progression. Progression that cost you money the month before and money getting back  to where you were after the holidays.

A break is important for any learning, but during this break invest some time into not losing large amount of progress and continue on with our shorter and

flexible classes . 

Or maybe commit and make more progress in a few weeks, than you would make in 3 months!

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