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InAudio English

Master your English 




This service is for people who want to learn English well, for all purposes and want to be more a part of the global culture. English courses online or face to face.

Why should I learn English?

No one should feel obliged to do anything. We encourage the learning of English in an attempt to open up parts of life that would otherwise be inaccessible without it.

Music, travel, work or social media, English does not just bring better communication, it opens up a world of experiences.

....,but why English!?!?

It does not need to be English!!! Any language opens up doors and life adventures that can enrich your life. 

Every language has it's own benefits or culture. English is just one of them and has been dominating the global scene not because of it being better, but by historical chance. 

Mathematics is the language of science, music is the language of emotions, English is the language of problem solving. 

With unlimited options and methods for learning English, why choose us?


Our teachers care about the continual energy involved in the language learning process.


We make sure to challenge you when needed and keep you interested by continually adapting the 'method' to your needs.

No one learns a language through one method alone

Several students of ours already have a high level of English listening, reading and writing, but are not understood well by other English speakers.


This is a priority from day one to make sure that your level reflects your abilities correctly. 

People will understand you and you will feel more confident.


Patience and comprehension are the two qualities that we look for in teachers.


We won't tell you what is correct, you will slowly understand yourself once the teacher has understood how to correct you.

You will hesitate less and become more fluent.



The Progress sheet.

Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 19.03.00.png

Every student who studies with us has a constant record of every aspect of their English Learning, available to both student and teacher.

This sheet does not just keep track of what has happened from one teacher to the next, but also records repetitive problems in pronunciation and syntax.

What happened in my last class? Can I get a suggestion for something to read or watch at my level? Which grammar points am I still not doing well enough? Which words can I not say correctly?

All available to you online, anytime.

Materials and 


Every week we create more materials to help keep things interesting. From the latest research on predictive algorithmic marketing to poetry videos, from micro economic trends to original songs for young learners, we make sure you don't run out of interesting things to catch your attention. 

All of this material and content is created for our students specifically. This way you will learn things that you will be able to put into practice in your day to day life.

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