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InAudio, Kids

Master your English 

This service is for our smaller client, fun workshops face to face or at a distance.

English for kids

Should teaching your child English be a priority? When should your child start learning English? How do you find the best teacher for your child?

The simple answer is yes, as soon as possible and here is where you will find teachers who will give your child the best chance at absorbing languages fluidly. 

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The workshops are educational and participative, with activities made especially for the younger client. English for kids online or face to face. 


From ''Bob Marley Jams'' (Songs in English for kids), to ''Story Scramble'', your children will have a fun and effective approach to learning, face-to-face or from a distance. We offer a fun place for your children to learn and practice their knowledge. 

The Little Monsters!













For our young learners aged 2-7. Each Character is aimed towards one language skill. This helps engage the child at different parts of the lesson more efficiently.


Stories are created for each lesson directed at specific grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Association between fun/happy memories and language helps them retain the knowledge for longer!

'Learning buddies' at a distance

Individual workshops are available, brothers and sisters can learn together with a teacher, but why leave it there?


We encourage our online students to meet with other students from around the world. This is optional, but works well to support the learning process and make new friends!


Take a few workshops, get used to the format and then explore the world!

Comic book creation in English!


Our Teachers

Our teachers have extensive experience and continuous input on how to improve the methodology. InAudio understands the continuous need for a high level of student engagement during the learning process.


We do not hire teachers looking for extra money, our teachers choose this work and are committed to the progress of the students. 

Our teachers like Christine bring the right energy to keep our students motivated, whether in person or on our online platform.  

Creativity and confidence

During the workshops, we have activities that span over several lessons to help reinforce the material learned in the previous workshops. We base this review on creative and fun projects that children will want to spend time on and be motivated to learn. We understand that the more time children spend on the projects, the more likely they are to retain and reproduce the material.


Through exercises such as singing and participation with other children, we give priority to reinforcing the child's confidence. We adapt the classes for each client to ensure that NO child is left behind. 

Some children may not have the means to pay for private education classes online. Therefore, for every 6 lessons sold to one or more students, 1 lesson will be given to a child who needs it.

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