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Mr Jonny the Music Man - Little Monsters - I have a very big family - InAudio Kids

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

For children who learn English through song. The videos match the content they have learned each week, to help reinforce the material through repetition. Today's video is Little Monsters - I have a very big family!

Para que los niños aprendan inglés a través de las canciones. Los videos concuerdan con el contenido que han aprendido cada semana, para ayudar a reforzar el material a través de la repetición. El vídeo de hoy es Little Monsters - I have a very big family!

Jonny Berliner is an educational song writer who is working in collaboration with the Stephan Hawking foundation and has been also been recognised by organisations such as TEDX (appearing at conferences), for his original and effective approach to learning.

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