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Poetry with Mukk - Remind me

Every week a new poem with our favourite writer Mukk.

Cada semana un nuevo poema con nuestro escritor favorito Mukk.

This week is on the subject on remembering what we have lost and what we need to remember during this difficult time.

Esta semana se trata de recordar lo que hemos perdido y lo que necesitamos recordar en este difícil momento.

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The Poem

Remind me

Remind me so I don't forget,

of the times, the freedom and the laughter, we once shared.

As friends, as lovers, as family.

Don't you miss it?

Don't you miss being on a terrace, in a cafe?

Or having a drink with friends under the hot sun?

Or have you already forgotten?

Memory is short in the mids of many,

and as time pushes us forward,

without memos, nor notifications,

we forget the importance of the present.

We forget the bravery of those in hospitals right now,

and supermarkets. We forget those who suffer in silence.

We forget about the ones who have lost their jobs.

Lost loved ones.... Lost everything.

Often times I'd fail to recall how luck I am,

so if you remember, then please remind me,

so I don't forget.

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