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Poetry with Mukk - To those who remain loyal

Every week a new poem with our favourite writer Mukk.

Cada semana un nuevo poema con nuestro escritor favorito Mukk.

This week is about haircuts and realising the little things we have missed over the last few months.

Esta semana se trata de cortes de pelo y de darse cuenta de las pequeñas cosas que nos hemos perdido en los últimos meses.

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The Poem:

To those who remain loyal.

I just got my haircut, its been such a long time.

I combed it, I brushed it nothing really worked, my hair was such a crime.

My barber called and said he's back in Business.

Oh how I missed the banter, La liga talk, relationship issues, and Dominican cheers,

It was almost, almost like rolling back the years.

So to those who remain loyal, Testing times will forever come strike you like a chord,

( strike chord )

In love, laughter and those quiet moments, you'll surely get your reward.

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