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Poetry with Mukk - On, and in, and on, and out.

Poem number 9 available here! Some good summer vibes for this one.

¡El poema número 9 está disponible aquí! Unas buenas vibraciones de verano para este.

Every week a new poem with our favourite writer Mukk.

Cada semana un nuevo poema con nuestro escritor favorito Mukk.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more poems every week!

¡No olvides suscribirte al canal para recibir más poemas cada semana!

The Poem:

On, and in, and on, and out.

On, and in, and on and out,

what on earth am I talking about?

It could all be so infinitely worse,

offices, homes, and jobs we are in,

often times feels like a curse.

I wish I could move out to the countryside,

or by the sea and hear the endless crashing tide.

There are moments we realise that life is no fun,

but it can't be all bad, there is a roof over your head, and plenty of sun.


on, and in, and on, and out,

that's what I, was talking about.

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