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Poetry with Mukk - The first step is always the hardest

Poem number 8 available here! More about the simple lessons in life that are easy to forget. ¡El poema número 8 está disponible aquí! Más sobre las lecciones simples de la vida que son fáciles de olvidar.

Every week a new poem with our favourite writer Mukk.

Cada semana un nuevo poema con nuestro escritor favorito Mukk.

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The Poem:

The first step is always the hardest

There was a young boy who never cleaned his room

His mother would tell him " Boy, Pick up that Broom!

The dirt had cluttered his mind, left him in doom

You should have listened to your mother young boy, You should have cleaned your room

For that is the beginning, the first step

For your mind, to bloom

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